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Polycrystalline diamond powder

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Polycrystalline diamond powder

product description

Artificial diamond powder is a new type of super-hard abrasive, which is mainly used for manufacturing tools used in the process of processing high-hardness and high-precision articles in industrial production.

Currently, it is generally used for polishing from w0-0.5 to w6-12. W15-10 to w22-36 for grinding; W12-22 coarse for fine grinding.

It has the following important features:

1. Strictly control the size classification

2. Uniform particle shape characteristics

3. Control raw materials

Our company's artificial diamond micro powder is divided into three categories:

A refined diamond powder is mainly used for the fine grinding, grinding and polishing of hard alloy, non-metal (such as gem, ceramic, optical glass) and other high hardness materials.

B high-purity diamond powder is made from high-strength diamond with impurity content less than 250pbm. Used for processing high-precision spare parts, instruments and machinery required by aerospace, aviation, electronics, petroleum, geology, military and other industrial sectors. For example: PCD composite chip, chip and so on.

High quality diamond powder professionally produced by c export stone tools with diamond powder is an ideal consumable material for all kinds of high-grade stone tools.


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